Applying & Interviews

All Applicants

  • ERAS Application
  • Dean’s Letter and Transcripts
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
  • USMLE Score: Average of 220 and above (First Attempts only) Note: We require Steps 1 and 2 at the time you
    apply – please be advised that should you match with us, you will be required to take Step 3 by December 31 of
    your internship year.
  • All applicants must have graduated from medical school within the three years prior to applying.

International Medical Graduates

In addition to the requirements listed above, all IMGs must have the following:
• Postgraduate Training Authorization Letter from the California Medical Board.

Before an IMG can commence residency in the State of California, their education needs to be reviewed by the
California Board of Medical Quality Assurance. If the information submitted meets this Board’s approval, they issue
their authorization to commence postgraduate training in the State in the form of a letter referred to as Postgraduate
Training Authorization Letter. Please note that an IMG cannot commence residency in California without this letter.
You may contact the Board for further information. If they have not done so already, IMG applicants are urged to
begin processing this letter immediately as the process for obtaining the letter takes approximately 3 to 6 months.

California Board of Medical Quality Assurance
2005 Evergreen Street, Suite 1200
Sacramento, CA 95815-3831
(916) 263-2382

This letter will not be required to obtain an interview as long as you provide proof that it is pending, and assure us
that you will have it in time to commence training, if selected.
• ECFMG Certificate

All IMG applicants must have a valid ECFMG Certificate or provide proof that it is being processed – you cannot
commence residency without this certificate.
• This Hospital is unable to sponsor any type of immigration visas but does accept the ECFMG-sponsored J1 visa.
We are only able to accept J1 visas for categorical positions.

General Information

• Our Program fills eight categorical positions and three medicine-preliminary positions through the National
Residency Matching Program (NRMP); therefore, all applicants must be registered with NRMP. NRMP address
and telephone number are as follows:

National Residency Matching Program
2450 N Street, NW, Suite 201
Washington, D.C. 20037-1141
(202) 828-0676

• Our Program only accepts ERAS applications – paper applications will not be processed.

US medical graduates may contact their Dean’s Office or visit the ERAS website at for

IMGs wishing to enroll in ERAS need to contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
(ECFMG) for their application materials and eligibility requirements. Application materials will be sent to only
those candidates who meet ECFMG requirements. Please write to:

P.O. Box 13467
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3467

or point your Web browser to: to begin the process.

• Our Program is a 3-year categorical program and 1-year medicine-preliminary program, and our academic year
for interns is June 26 through June 25. We do not have any “fall” or “winter” positions.

• Deadlines: Applications are accepted only through November 30th of each year.

Interviews take place October through January.