Rv 9.20.22



We accept all applications via ERAS and adhere to all NRMP guidelines and rules. Each year we fill three categorical intern positions and three preliminary intern positions. To be considered all applications must have three letters of recommendation from surgery faculty (non-surgical letters are encouraged but do not substitute for the required three letters) and must have successfully passed USMLE Step 1. Our program will consider USMLE Step 2 scores when finalizing rankings, so applicants are encouraged to take Step 2 as soon as possible and to do well on the exam.

International medical graduates must also have a valid ECFMG certificate and meet the requirements to obtain a postgraduatetraining license from the California Medical Board.

Discrimination in hiring is both wrong and illegal. We do not deliberately engage in any discriminatory practices during our interview or ranking process, and we continually reevaluate our interviewing and ranking process to root out inadvertent discriminatory practices or outcomes. We welcome suggestions on how to improve our process and actively incorporate such feedback with each new year.


Our program director will be in Ukraine with the American College of Surgeons in October 2022, thus interviews will be held from November 2022 to January 2023. All interviews will be conducted in person with an optional resident-applicant dinner the night before. We appreciate that in person interviews are costly and time-consuming, but we do feel that they are the best way to evaluate applicants and they are the best way for applicants to evaluate our program. All applicants who would like to speak to the program director about the program beforehand should contact us via email to schedule a brief phone call. This phone call will not be considered in any way when our program ranks candidates and no record of it will be kept by our program.