Rv 9.22.22


Resident Benefits & Compensation

Surgery residency involves a great deal of physically, mentally, and spiritually taxing work performed over extended hours, and this work is paid at a rate that is much lower than the market rate for a worker with a doctoral degree. Furthermore, surgery residents typically have a large burden of student loan debt. Of course, after residency, surgeons have a higher income than most physicians or other people with equivalent degrees and work experience. In the final estimation surgery is a labor of love: if you do not love your professional work and your patients then no amount of money will be worth what it takes to be a surgeon.

SJGH offers surgery residents a livable income, excellent and flexible health insurance and other benefits, and financial support for educational opportunities and resources.


  • Educational funds: $800 as a PGY1, $1000 for PGY2-4, and $1500 as a PGY5
  • Multiple educational resources, including Sabiston’s textbook provided to every junior (PGY1-3) resident and Cameron’s to every senior (PGY4 & 5) resident
  • A Microsoft Surface Pro is provided to each resident for EMR remote access off campus and mobile access within the hospital
  • Several health, vision, and dental insurance plans are provided as employees of San Joaquin County, all at very low cost to the resident, including a pre-tax flexible spending account
  • Test-taking assistance, including access to an educational psychologist based at UC Davis for those with test-taking difficulties, paid for by the surgery GME fund
  • Comprehensive malpractice insurance with tail coverage at all facilities
  • Meal cards worth $320/month for every month of residency ($3,840/year)
  • Personalized white coat and black fleece/shell
  • Heavily subsidized on-campus housing available in chief year
  • Of course, all applicable federal and state benefits, for example those stemming from the Family Medical Leave Act and the California Family Rights Act

Vacation Time and CME:

  • All residents have three weeks paid vacation per year
  • PGY1-4 residents receive 5 days of approved continuing medical education (CME) time. This is time spent attending conferences, workshops, courses, etc.
  • PGY5 residents receive 6 days of approved CME time

Annual Salaries (2022-23):

  • PGY1: $52,777.40
  • PGY2: $59,634.38
  • PGY3: $67,369.90
  • PGY4: $74,269.78
  • PGY5: $83,141.15