Our surgical residency program stresses skill.

We employ the best teaching methods to ensure our residents proficiency, utilizing High Fidelity Simulator, Augmented Realty and Virtual Reality.

Laparoscopic & Gastrointestinal | Simulation Surgery
Our state-of- the-art 3-D Simbionix Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Mentor simulators provide surgeons and residents with the widest array of hands on training available. These technologies enable the performance of high fidelity procedure simulation that is backed by over 60 clinical validators.

Virtual Reality | Simulation Surgery
Intuitive Surgical da Vinci Surgical Skills Simulator provides a controlled re-creation of critical steps in surgical instrumentation control. The da Vinci simulator allows surgical residents to practice their skills in a non-clinical environment increasing their learning opportunities. The qualitative measured platforms are designed to allow surgeons to assess their performance on a given exercise and to track progress over time.

Augmented Reality | Simulation Surgery
Augmented reality environments represent a crucial advancement toward enriching the training of residents in laparoscopic skills in simulation as well as, providing a platform for experienced surgeons to maintain their skills. Augmented reality (AR) combines a virtual reality (VR) setting with real physical materials, instruments, and tactile feedback.

Robotic | Simulation Surgery
Robot assisted surgery and da Vinci robotic surgical systems require a great deal of training. In addition to learning by observing surgical cases at San Joaquin General Hospital and the details of the da Vinci robotic surgical system, surgical residents and surgeons are able to utilize a training simulator to master various robotic surgery techniques. Working to become the first robotic surgery training site in the San Joaquin Valley, SJGH will host visiting surgeons from across the United States to observe and learn advanced procedures from Dinesh Vyas, MD,

Tissue-Based | Simulation Surgery
As Residents advance in their training, they are exposed to a graduated level of difficulty in their simulation curriculum. The Residents move from dry-lab task trainers to wet-lab experiences ensuring learners the opportunity to practice procedural skills outside of the clinical environment. This not only benefits the learners but also enhances patient safety in the delivery of high quality clinical care.

Ultrasound | Simulation Surgery
Residents will experience an integrated ultrasound training program that offers engaging didactic courses, hands-on training, and knowledge assessment. Residents experience the opportunity to enhance their ability to scan and recognize real-patient pathology in a risk-free setting using the SonoSimulator®.

Intravascular | Simulation Surgery
Our Endovascular Simulation program is an essential part of residents training curriculum. Residents work with standardized patients providing the opportunity for hands on training enabling clinicians to enhance patient safety and improve clinical outcomes.